Copper foil or Tiffany method:

Glasscrafters specialises in the copper foil method. A full scale drawing of the selected design is made and the colours marked on it. The selected glass is placed on the design and cut into the desired shapes that when pieced together, like a jigsaw puzzle, form a pattern. Copper foil is put around each piece of glass, which is then soldered together in the desired pattern. This technique allows for the making of stained glass panels (flat, 2-D) for doors, windows, skylights, as well as 3-D products such as lampshades and domes. The glass is cleaned and patina put onto the soldered lines to finish the product. The Tiffany-method derives its name from Louis Comfort Tiffany, the famous American stained glass artist of the 19th and 20th centuries who pioneered this technique.

Lead came:

We also undertake the traditional lead came method used in Europe for centuries. The lead came has channels with U-shaped or H-shaped cross-sections into which the glass is inserted. The lead joints are soldered, the lead came is cemented and the glass cleaned and patina applied to the lead came. The glass is double glazed prior to installation for increased strength. This method allows for two-dimensional stained glass panels suitable for architectural and interior use.

Bevelled glass:

Glasscrafters specialises in bevelled glass clusters, which are produced in-house on custom-made machines. Clear glass 5, 6 or 8 mm thick is bevelled along the edges. The bevels act as prisms with the refracted light creating a beautiful spectrum of colours. Our exquisitely bevelled glass clusters are inset into plain, coloured or textured glass panels or even lampshades using the copper foil method, or stuck-on bevels using transparent glue to provide that elegant visual appeal!

Stained and fired glass:

We handpaint/stain each individual piece with translucent or transparent metal oxides. Each piece is fired at a temperature between 550-650 degrees Centrigrade for the colour to be fused permanently onto the glass surface. The pieces may be fired once, twice or thrice, depending on the number of oxides used and the degree of detail required. This enables us to undertake portraits, especially of religious images for use in churches, puja rooms, etc.

Fused glass:

Glasscrafters fires the fusible range of Spectrum Glass in our electric kiln to create fantastic pieces of fused art to match your creativity or requirements for murals, glass tiles, or unique objets d’art such as clocks and mirrors. The fused glass could also be designed to add an element of interest to your furniture.


We craft magical mosaic that transforms stained glass pieces into breath-taking mosaic tiles, table tops, murals, vases, lanterns, or mirrors. The stained glass pieces are stuck and grouted directly onto the wall, floor, glass or a waterproof backing material. It is long-lasting and can be simply wiped clean. Our mosaic range is ideal for use on walls, floors, terraces, balconies, pillars, bathrooms, gardens, terraces, as well as furniture and accessories. The possibilities for mosaic use are as vast as your imagination; mosaic provides colourful relief to your interiors as well as exteriors.

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