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Glasscrafters is an exclusive stained glass studio established in 1996 in Bangalore, India. Founder and artist, Asad Hajeebhoy opened Glasscrafters using his 30 year experience of working in the art of genuine stained glass in Mumbai, Sultanate of Oman, Dubai, Israel, and Bangalore. 

When stained glass inspired a dream...

Even as a college student in 1979, Asad knew he loved to work with his hands - to create, to understand the workings of materials and machines and to build his own products or enable others to maintain theirs. He began to work with wood as a hobby and sold his handcrafted wood products to pay for his college education. Soon he taught himself the mechanics of cameras, radios, and electronic gadgets. His passion for pushing the frontiers of his knowledge and a chance meeting with Vinayak Patel, led him to a stained glass teacher in Mumbai. With his diligence he soon mastered the craft. 

His full-time work was in the auto spare parts industry, making steel drums and  containers for the paint industry, and photography and photo developing equipment. Soon his calling in stained glass led him to approach one of the interior designers in Mumbai to offer stained glass as a value-add product to his clients. One of his first commissioned projects was for the residence of famous actors Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor. 

Subsequently he approached a large interior design firm in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, to set up a stained glass studio for them. Dekor owned by the Khimji Ramdas Group of companies. Fascinated by the concept of kibbutz in Israel, Asad undertook a summer apprenticeship at a stained glass studio near Jerusalem. When he returned to India, enriched with the expertise he had acquired in stained glass, he was determined to set up his own stained glass studio in Bangalore. He worked hard to indigenise production, except for the stained / coloured glass sheets, which still needs to be imported from USA. Thus, Glasscrafters was born in 1996, in many senses Asad's dream child.

The Glasscrafters team is a highly skilled group of trained artists and artisans whom Asad has mentored in house. The young men and women work together in a spirit of camaraderie. Their quest for excellence in creative expression has resulted in the Glasscrafters' reputation for stained glass art, products and services of superior quality. The experienced Glasscrafters team works with you to develop custom-made designs, handcraft and deliver products of the highest international quality while providing impeccable customer service. Glasscrafters are retailers and stockists of Spectrum Glass USA, now Oceanside Glass, Mexico and Wissmach Glass Company, West Virginia, USA. 

The highly skilled and experienced Glasscrafters' team has executed over 2,000 prestigious stained glass projects all over India for residences, offices, hotels, churches, mosques and other and places of worship. 

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